The Lord of The Manor

The Lord of The Manor

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A New piece on wood panel - background is painted straight up GOLDEN Iridescent Copper Fine - "Strange-Loop Manor" is pigment archival print with holographic mosaic silver behind and Mr. Boss is cutout of same combination of archival transparency print on top of subtle (different dotted pattern) holographic backing. The play of light intensity isn't over the top due to muted colors and minimal composition.

Personally I really love this one - the size is 24" x 18" and I am planning to topcoat with Artresin which is archival non yellowing uv protectant and results in slick glass-like durable finish.

I am offering this and other works marked for a reduced price briefly here. If anyone is interested in this or any other of the works listed here - thru until approx. the end of October - I can be a little more flexible than usual due to lingering art-show expenses I need to cover asap.

For interest about this or other works - including the new limited set - check out oli's art shop @