Oli's Alibino - 32x42 Canvas

Oli's Alibino - 32x42 Canvas

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Oli's Alibino
32x42 Acrylic, Oil Pastel + Paintstick on Canvas
2015 by Oli Goldsmith

Raw and expressive work from set I completed late 2015 - before returning to working with the computer and diversity of new materials, substrates and methods I was compelled spend a period of time (as I tend to periodically) working in my most traditional and physical way. I love the meeting of organic and digital - yet find the process of expressive paint application, messy pastels (all dry with archival varnish no worries) and their big brother - the always wonderful oil paintstick.

I've found I have some obsession with eyeballs lately - its a bit odd as i don't tend to like the lowbrow anti-aesthetic sensibility and look where they tend to show up.

My days and nights have been packed with audiobooks - often on philosophy, history, physics and socially engaging issues, along with every phillip k . dick book written.though this obsession which has been 4+ years at least in the making and spans a pretty eclectic range, I have been deep diving into fairly intensive philosophizing on the usual all time hits - consciousness and the self, perception and thus sensory awareness - and age old issues of the limits of scientific method, technology, human nature, psychics surprisingly - together with religious and mystic studies ranging from Alan Watts to Gnostic and Hermetic traditions and Aleister Crowley.

This recent period of hermit like living for me has also subsequently been a period devoted much to the 'life of the mind' - and I think much symbolism in works through this time have direct connections to the experience of that (moreso than any specific contents) of which this eyeball thing (which i had realized is identical and meaningfully connected to circles with dot in middle Yoni and I used to draw in high school - though in that case they were eggs, like tadpole frog eggs or something.

The UFO recurring themes have been around for a long time - I enjoy the notion put forth by one of my heroes Terence McKenna suggesting the flying saucer thing to be a sort of self corrective mechanism by 'mother nature' or something similar - in parallel to previously using jesus for same purpose. To keep a balance between our technologies and their advancement in check with our moral and ethical maturity - the idea being that UFOs are a sort of monkey wrench thrown into the mix to cast doubt on and act as a dampener to our particularly arrogant and dogmatic scientific worldview - paired with technologies and mankind's most powerul and potentially too hot for us to quite handle responsibly just yet - notably Atomic Bombs and The Internet.

I don't subscribe literally to the notion (nor do I suspect he did precisely either) yet it is a quirky and interesting alternative way of considering things from a very different angle. The more of that the better.